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The Museum of the Future is more than just an experience; it’s a place where great minds come together to design and shape the future. We will be hosting a series of talks with innovators, scientists, and prominent figures from leading industries where they will share their visions of the future. Join us and be part of our global community of thinkers, designers, and risk-takers.

The Future of Cities, and the role of Dubai




4:30 PM


Auditorium, Museum of the Future

Professor Greg Clark- Group Advisor, Future Cities & New Industries

The session will discuss the future of cities around the world, covering how the 5th decade of the century of cities will unfold post-pandemic, with the accelerated imperatives for decarbonisation, nature positive, and healthy cities, underpinned by rapid changes in digital connectivity and servicisation, and the implications they have for the physical city and its shape, size, and flows.  

Access to the Museum:

Registration grants you access to this event, but does not include entry into the museum itself. Tickets are sold online and require advanced booking. You can purchase tickets here.

Parking Instructions:

Parking is available in Emirates Towers which connects directly to the museum. Please use the Boulevard parking lot and cross over to the museum from inside the Boulevard (the bridge to the museum is located next to Gohan Restaurant). Staff within the towers can help guide you to the venue.

Limited Seating:

Events at the Museum of the Future have limited seating and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Please ensure you arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes early to secure a seat.

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